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Q. How do I start up my sprinkler system in the spring?
A. Turning on your sprinkler system for the season is a little more involved than just flipping a switch or turning a handle. This is also the best time to run through the system and adjust or replace any misaligned or broken heads. Sprinklers Etc. can perform a spring startup and manitenance check for you.


Q. When should I start up my sprinkler system?
A. We schedule start-ups begining in mid-March. However, the weather in Colorado Springs is unpredictable and we can have overnight freezing as late as June. We recommend that customers watch the weather and either drain their system or wrap their backflow preventer with heavy blankets if a cold snap is predicted. Customers in Monument, Gleneagle and higher elevations are encouraged to wait until late April or early May to turn on their sprinkler systems.

Q. What maintenance is required to keep my sprinkler system running at its best?
A. Just as you may tune-up or make repairs to your car, the same should be done to your sprinkler system. The most important preventive maintenance steps we recommend are draining and winterizing your system every Fall to prevent freeze damage. Much of the costly repair work we do in Spring could have been prevented if homeowners had properly drained and winterized their system.

Q. What is a backflow preventer and why am I required to have one on my sprinkler system?
A. Backflow preventers are safety devices that prevent water that has exited your house through your sprinkler system, from re-entering the house and possibly contaminating your drinking water with fertilizers or pesticides. They are required by law and regional building codes.

xQ. What are you licensed for?
A. Pikes Peak Regional Building Department requires that anyone creating a cross connection in the plumbing, must install a backflow device. Anyone being paid to install a backflow preventer must be tested and then licensed.

Q. What time of day should I water?
A. It is usually best to water in the early morning. There tends to be less wind, more water pressure and minimal evaporation. Watering at night could lead to disease and fungus in the turf. In Spring and Fall when nighttime temperatures are cool, evening watering could lead to icy sidewalks, driveways, and streets. This could be a liability if someone has an accident.

Q. I have a sprinkler system with primarily Rainbird parts, but there are also a few Toro sprinkler heads. My neighbors have systems with Hunter and Irritrol parts. Which is better?
A. All of those companies make some great products. There are many more manufacturers with outstanding products. Since our company is strictly a service company, we work on numerous yards with many different products, allowing us to evaluate which parts are most appropriate for different situations.

Hunter Irrigation Rain Bird Irritrol Toro Febco

Q. What is Drip Irrigation?
A. Drip irrigation is becoming extremely popular and Rainbird offers a wide selection of Xerigation products. This allows you to water shrubs and flowers more efficiently. Drip emitters put water at the base of the plant to soak into the root base where it is needed, rather than on top of it. Emitters put out a regulated drip that can be changed to meet the needs of various plants. A 2' shrub needs less water that a 20' tree.


Q. What is a Rain Sensor?
A. Rain sensors turn the system off if it is raining or has been for quite some time. Mini-Clik offers a good, inexpensive sensor. This saves on your water bill and saves the turf from "drowning". Too much water is just as bad as not enough.

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